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Each dish that is prepared at Lime Tree has its own distinctive flavour and aroma which cannot be gained from the use of curry powder.

We use the finest ingredients, prepared uniquely and individually for each dish. These are sculptured by our expert chefs, creating cuisine that is truly authentic.

The aromas and taste that is produced from the fusion of these premium ingredients results in a meal you will not find elsewhere.

It is great myth that all Indian cuisine is extremely hot and spicy. Many of the dishes that are available, such as Tikka Masala’s, Kormas and Passandas are very mild.

These can be enjoyed by those with a delicate palate or those who are not accustomed to highly spiced food.

We trust that you will find a dish from the wide selection available that appeals to you. However, if you have a particular favourite which is not on our extensive menu or would like to amend the strength or ingredient of a dish please feel free to ask any member of our courteous staff.

We also cater for any special dietary requirements such as low fat dishes.

Some dishes may contain traces of nuts, please consult a member of staff when placing your order.